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FloodGate Medical is a California-based company offering medical device marketing jobs. Our recruiting specialization is what sets us apart, and our Medical device sales recruiters come from healthcare, business, and sales experience.

We are well-versed in the medical field, and we ensure that we stay updated with the latest trends. Additionally, we have our agencies across other states.

FloodGate Medical could assist you in looking for pharmaceutical or medical sales jobs in California. Further, our marketing and sales recruiters specialize in pharma, medical device, and biotech marketing and sales opportunities. Also, our clients include Fortune 500 pharmaceutical, biotech, medical equipment firms, and start-up healthcare companies.

Our medical device recruiters handle recruitment, screening, and interviewing candidates for contractual and full-time roles.

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The Job Market in California

California is the most populated and the third-largest state in terms of area in the United States. Californians searching for employment in sales jobs in med devices or any other profession compete for jobs in the nation’s second-most tough job market.

California is one of the largest states in the US, both in total land area and people. Thus, there are many wonderful areas to reside in. However, because California is among the most expensive states in the US, expect to spend a larger portion of your salary on essentials like transportation and housing than you would in your former residence.

We recognize the challenges of finding work in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Moreover, it’s a fiercely competitive market out there. Hence, our representatives filter out the best medical device marketing jobs for all the job-seekers in California.

The population of California is incredibly diversified. For instance, in reality, it is the country’s second-most culturally diverse state, with the most significant numbers of migrants in both absolute numbers. If you reside in California, you will most certainly meet and interact with individuals from many walks of life.

Why Choose FloodGate Medical?

FloodGate Medical is interested in partnering with your company by bringing in top-tier sales talent. Certainly, we believe in humanizing the hiring process by figuring out your requirements and matching your profile with the appropriate individual, not just a CV.

So, if you are a company looking to recruit the best talent or looking for jobs in med tech, then FloodGate Medical can help you find the best suitable candidate for your unique needs.

What Differentiates FloodGate Medical From Others?

Experienced Team of Medical Device Sales Recruiters

Whether you have one or thirty openings, our team of highly sales recruiters can help you fill them.

Candidate Seekers

We feel that most top-tier applicants are not actively seeking new opportunities. Therefore, we find “passive” sales talent and persuade them to apply for your position.


Being the leading recruiter for medical devices, California, we give a lot of thought to everything we do. Besides, we endeavor to live beyond criticism throughout the procedure and give you openness and accountability.

One Account Manager

Your account manager is your main point of contact and is committed to ensuring that your time with us is joyous.

Vetted thoroughly

We make sure that our prospects are suitable for you and a match for what is essential to your workplace.


When it comes to finding the appropriate applicants for your job, we have an advantage. We have the modern interpretation of a classic industry.

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