We have completely reinvented the recruiting process

through constant evolution, innovation and customizing solutions. We seamlessly integrate the perfect blend of human engagement and cutting edge technology – our proprietary, cloud-based Talent Web App – to obsessively find and match the best candidates to the best jobs.

Quickly and painlessly.

As part of our model, we form strategic partnerships with Recruiters to fulfill our ultimate goal:  finding solutions to help medical companies accelerate sales.

How do recruiters benefit when working with us?

  • No risk and no membership fees
  • 24/7 Access to a dedicated partner at FloodGate Medical
  • Clear and comprehensive search specifications
  • Included audio files for additional search specific details
  • Full transparency with access to all search information
  • Access to headstart and exclusive searches
  • Real time feedback and updates for each active candidate
  • Real time position status updates
  • Additional outlet for database and sourced candidates
  • Opportunity to generate revenue on previously submitted candidates for future opportunities
  • Ability to work with some of the best clients in the industry
  • Consistent flow of qualified job orders
  • Strong financial return on your invested time
  • Added revenue stream for your business
  • Outsourced billing and accounts receivables
  • Access to Quick Pay program


Floodgate Medical partners with some of the top medical manufacturers in the industry. We own the relationship with our clients at an executive level and get pushed down through HR and the rest of the organizational teams. We partner with top tier executive search firms to source candidates for many of our positions and we work on an invite only basis and communicate the fee due at the time of invitation and give our recruiting partners an option to accept or decline any search. We have developed a proprietary cloud based technology solution that gives recruiting partners the ability to view all activity through a single dashboard.
Yes, we are always open to new “best in class” executive recruiting partners. Many partners join our organization as a referral from a client, a candidate, or another executive recruiter.
There is no catch! There is no membership fee or management fee and we typically pay out more that 50% of the total fee to the recruiting partner that sources the candidate that is ultimately hired by one of our clients.
All that we expect from you is that you only accept positions that you are willing and able to work at the time you get the invite. If you decline a search that is completely fine, but we would like to know the reason for declining. If you accept a search and are unable to produce for any reason all we ask is that you let us know so we can invite other partners to assist. We also expect that you have full explicit permission from a candidate to submit them for the specific opportunity.    
You can expect full transparency and an unbiased and neutral approach. We treat all candidates as equals regardless of the source. We will take all responsibility for all 2nd level screening, logistics, scheduling, prepping, debriefing, and offer management throughout the process. Additionally, we close the loop with each and every candidate that has been entered into our system for each opportunity they have been identified for and/or submitted for.
We have some incredible technology that allows us to keep you informed about each and every candidate in consideration for each and every position. We will communicate with you via email and/or text message in real time and also have an open door policy for direct communication via phone as-needed to ensure that nothing ever slips between the cracks.
There is no timeframe where Floodgate assumes ownership of your candidate. Candidates are attached to their source and are identified for new opportunities on behalf of the recruiter of record and who they are attached to in our system
We give you the opportunity to retain ownership of candidates for new positions that come up in our system. As long as we identify the candidate as a potential match, you will never have to lift a finger for these candidates. We do all of the work
You can message us through the Contact Form below, email us at info@floodgatemedical.com, or call us at (888) 543-4478 with your information and someone on our team will reach out to you to follow up.
“In my 5+ years of working with FGM, we have found them to be hard working, responsive and honest. This relationship has augmented our business with opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and their unique web application makes the process so much easier. I would very much recommend them to any firm looking to expand their presence and business.”
Kirk Brandt, Kirk Brandt & Associates, LLC
“We were one of the early adopters of a split-fee business relationship with Floodgate Medical over five years ago. We have found it is truly a win-win situation for both the independent boutique recruiting firms like ours or the multi-recruiter firms looking for some additional business. The added benefit is you are dealing with true professionals who know and love the medical-surgical recruiting business.”
Richard Moorhead, Richard Moorhead & Associates
“It is rare these days to work with someone like Floodgate. They made it a top priority to learn as much as possible about our company, culture, and values. Floodgate’s personal attention to detail when giving their partners a search makes them easy to work with. The staff is always friendly and efficient, and their integrity and credibility is beyond reproach. Their high energy, enthusiasm and ability to do what it takes to get the job done have really made my job easier in filling their open positions. I look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship!“
Andrea Forray, B7 Solutions
“In 15+ years of recruiting we have seen many changes in both the tools to locate strong talent and consolidation due to mergers & acquisitions. Floodgate has adapted and created a niche for identifying top candidates from multiple recruiters through highly efficient tools that channel the flow of candidates – all under a single point of contact at FGM. This helped expand our customer base and provide access to companies previously outside of our network. I strongly recommend them as a long term partner to assist in growing your placements.“
Dave Doman, Corporate Growth International
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