We have completely reinvented the recruiting process

through constant evolution, innovation and customizing solutions. We seamlessly integrate the perfect blend of human engagement and cutting edge technology, using our proprietary, cloud-based Talent Web App, to obsessively find and match the best candidates
to the best jobs.

Quickly and painlessly.

Our ultimate goal is finding solutions to help medical companies accelerate sales.

Approx $ revenue generated by FGM placements in 2014
Approx. Hiring Managers who rely on FGM to fill their important Sales/Leadership positions
Avg Candidate Communication “touches” in filling a position
Our Candidates who are fully guaranteed
Client Approval rating
Stick Rate: still employed at client after 12 months
FGM Placements with portion of fee deferred until defined success achieved
Avg Days to fill a position
Recruiter Partners who placed through FGM in last 12 mos
Avg Days to submit full slate of candidates
0.2 yrs
Avg Liason’s tenure in medical talent acquisition
Point Person at FGM to manage entire process
“FloodGate conducts business with a high level of ethics and integrity. They are experts in their field and passionate about delivering on their promise!”
Karl Harik - Human Resources Business Leader, CAE
“I never realized how much time I was spending trying to manage multiple recruiters. Having a single point of contact for all candidate and search activity has allowed me to focus on developing my team and driving sales. Thank you FloodGate!”
K.C. Mabry - Regional Manager, Osteomed
“We recently partnered with FloodGate to build a new Sales and Marketing organization. As an organization, Floodgate does the best job of any company I have worked with in the screening process. Their leaders are strategic and forward thinking. They have created a model where Floodgate shares in the risk of the candidate’s success. Floodgate is a great partner to work with!”
Jack McCarthy - Chief Commercial Officer, Bovie Medical Corp
“Floodgate implements a technologically advanced recruiting system which allows their clients to monitor all aspects of the recruitment process. This system, along with their professional and knowledgeable team, made this the best recruitment experience I’ve witnessed in my career. Thanks and great job Floodgate!”
Robert Dent - VP of Sales, WSC at ConvaTec
“FloodGate helped me find and hire 300+ sales reps and managers over the last 5 years. They are experts in the field of talent acquisition and retention! They understand what it means to be a true partner and practice those ideals that other firms merely talk about in their sales collateral.”
James Prince - former VP of Sales, Zoll Medical
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Capital Equipment
Critical Care/ICU
Diagnostic Imaging
Disposable Device
Durable Medical Equipment
Electronic Health Records
Healthcare I.T.
Long Term Care/Home Health

Medical Device
Orthopedic, Spine, Neurology
Patient Monitoring
Vascular, Peripheral, Cardio
Wound Care


Floodgate Medical was established 2007 and our team has 60+ years of collective experience in the medical industry talent acquisition space – we are experts!
We work with medical manufacturers and service providers of all sizes selling all types of different products and/or offering medical services. Biotech, Capital Equipment, Cardiovascular, Oncology, Ortho, Surgical, Wound Care, and more. Our model is a great fit for large enterprise organizations and small start ups alike. We will work with your executive team to develop a strategy that fits the specific needs of your organization.

Floodgate Medical has a community full of top notch medical talent and also partners with some of the industry leading medical search firms to deliver talent to employers. We also partner with many of our clients as a true talent manager, handling all communication, screening, logistics, and scheduling for all internal and external candidates with a single point of contact. We have developed a proprietary, cloud-based technology solution that gives employers the ability to manage all activity through a single dashboard view.

We act as the exclusive source for external talent in and around the commercial engine which include sales, sales leadership, sales marketing, sales training, sales ops, corporate accounts – basically anything related to sales. For other clients we act as a compliment to their existing internal recruiting and talent acquisition department and simply augment their efforts of find those passive candidates that are a little bit more difficult to find.

We are more comprehensive, results-driven, technologically advanced, detail-oriented, committed, invested through our gainshare program, interested in the return on investment for our clients, and simply more experienced than our competitors.
Your company can expect that we will do the right thing every time with every search and every hiring manager. Ultimately driving success through creative talent acquisition strategies that yield honest, consistent, and reliable results every time.
Transparency is critical to the success of our partnership, and we will always have to earn the right to be treated as partners. We expect our clients to take advantage of the years of experience we have in the space, and to trust us. Lastly, to work together to improve the candidate experience.
Our average time to fill for positions is 61 days for leadership positions and 45.2 days for individual contributor positions. We guarantee that you will have a full docket of candidates within 10-14 business days. Much of this will depend on how quickly your team is to react and move candidates through the process.
Specifically within the talent acquisition process, we provide logistical support and administrative relief throughout the interviewing and onboarding process for both hiring managers and candidates (e.g., travel assistance. We also compile market intelligence to help companies understand the industry landscape from both a compensation and an expansion standpoint. Other areas include: Sales Force Retention, Vendor Management, Sales Force ROI, Candidate Tracking / Reporting, Recruiting Infrastructure, and Benchmarking / Profiling.
We deliver Results: We’ve been through the trenches, and utilize our wisdom. We’re fast, Jimmy John’s fast. We‘re totally on the ball, with no dropped balls. And we’re super comprehensive, complete immersion on every assignment.

But don’t just take our word for it. Please go to our Testimonials Page to read what others have to say.

FloodGate Client Employee Contact Policy

We proudly feel that we have the most ethical and sustainable hands-off policy in the industry. Under no circumstances will we ever recruit an employee from one client to another client.

If an employee from one of our clients contacts us directly about one of our open positions, we simply inform them that we are unable to present them to another client and/or financially benefit from them in any way, via referral fee, finder’s fee, or split fee. Our involvement will be limited to giving them advice and pointing them in a different direction.

If an employee from one of our clients submits his or her resume through another one our clients’ websites, employees, or third party recruiters for consideration – while we are serving as that client’s candidate screening and logistics department – we are obligated to process the candidate.  To demonstrate our commitment to impartiality and transparency, financial proceeds (if any) that are received from the placement of said person will be donated to charity.

Our only exception involves taking care of the one individual (if applicable) who is responsible for bringing us into an organization. If you are the hiring manager that introduces us to your organization, we will not penalize you for doing so. We will gladly help you find new employment if you chose to leave at anytime after introducing us to your employer.


We partner with the top medical companies across the country to skillfully find & match the best people to the best career opportunities.