Progressive Mobility Consultant

Position Type: Other

Comp: $135000

Date Updated: 2022-12-05

Role Description: In this role, you’ll have an opportunity to sell a variety of Mobilization products in the Acute Care and Rehab settings. You will be responsible for the clinical sale and the educational support programs for both the patient and the caregiver/provider. You will be responsible for leading seminars, trainings, and collaborating with peer leaders. This is a Clinical Sales Role.

Why You’ll love it:
-Great company culture
-Opportunity for career upward mobility
-Ability to have the best of both worlds. Teaching/ Patient Care/ Selling

The Ideal Candidate:
-Clinical Degree
-A Go Getter who is competitive
-Passion for patient care
-Comfortable with bridging the gap between a clinical role and a selling role#Li-RemoteLocation: OR