Director of Operations

Position Type: Sales Operations

Comp: $273k

Date Updated: 2024-01-27

Role Description: Are you interested in joining one of the fastest growing companies in Women’s Health medical devices? With this company, you will be a critical part of a mission to treat & improve the lives of 100M patients, by 2025. You will create operational processes and execute those through manuf/supply chain/product development departments and work collaboratively with Sales/Marketing/C Suites, etc.

Why you’ll love it:
Join this fast growing company, and have a stake in developing new products, launching new products, creating new systems & processes and building out a broader Ops team to include Quality/Regularity (in addition to manuf/supply chain). Big picture: Help women and their loved ones by bringing this valuable products to market.

12+ years in Manuf/supply chain
Engineering background
Leadership experience
Heavy problem solving experience
Big picture thinker
#Li-RemoteLocation: CA