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Are you seeking qualified and competent medical sales reps for your firm?

FloodGate Medical, one of the best Medical device sales recruiters in Maryland, provides medical sales recruitment services to unite you with the best personnel in your industry to help you save time and effort.

We pair medical sales professionals looking for medical device sales careers with a company like yours, assuring you get the people and expertise you need to succeed.

By linking you with carefully vetted personnel, FloodGate Medical takes the guesswork out of locating experienced medical sales reps. We handle the challenging work for you to identify the specialists you require as promptly as possible. 

So, now no more scanning through applications or reaching out to prospects on social networking sites. With FloodGate Medical, we will help you quickly fill your sales position with zero hassles. 

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Helping To Speed Up The Hiring Process

If you have a medical sales job that needs filling, we have plenty of applicants who are eager to fill it. FloodGate Medical follows a well-honed recruitment procedure that has resulted in successful medical sales placements in the past. If you are a job aspirant looking for med device marketing jobs, share your resume with us, and we will find the ideal company for you. 

We thoroughly vet each candidate, ensuring that you do not waste much time speaking with unskilled or untrustworthy candidates. We list out serious candidates willing to work hard and aim to make a difference in the company.

How do We work?


To discuss your requirements, schedule an appointment with our highly skilled recruiters.


We’ll match you with skilled, motivated job seekers in Med device sales careers and assist you in scheduling interviews with the best applicants.


To speed up the recruiting process, we’ll provide you with a prospective candidate list from which to choose.


To ramp your team to achieve, choose from some of the finest sales agents and consultants.

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FloodGate Medical - Leading Medical Device Sales Recruiters

FloodGate Medical’s mission is to assist growing businesses in placing qualified candidates in sales positions. We specialize in placing candidates seeking med device marketing jobs in top-notch sales positions that are high paying.

Medical sales positions will continue to be in great demand. Despite the rise of technology in practically every part of business, medical sales is still predominantly a face-to-face sector. Furthermore, the discipline remains relevant and vital due to an aging population. 

Hence, the demand for med device marketing jobs will continue to rise amidst the COVID-19 situations. So, if you are searching for jobs in med tech in Maryland, FloodGate Medical has varied job opportunities that can match your skill, expertise, and your educational background.

About Maryland

The state of Maryland is among the costly areas in the United States. Compared to other states in the nation, it has the sixth-highest overall living costs. Also, goods and services in the province are higher than the national average. Moving to Maryland is a fantastic idea if you enjoy experiencing all four seasons.

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Our goal is to help you connect with a diverse pool of medical salespeople who have the expertise you need to grow your business. Further, we constantly communicate with our clients and candidates in each step of our recruitment and employment process. Moreover, we ensure you a transparent process with no hidden costs. 

We care for each of our clients and candidates to offer them maximum satisfaction and a good experience with our company. 

Get in contact with us right away if you have any available med device sales jobs. Candidates can explore our Career Opportunities to find any suitable job openings.