From Employers

We recently partnered with FloodGate to build a new Sales and Marketing organization. As an organization, Floodgate does the best job of any company I have worked with in the screening process. Their leaders are strategic and forward thinking. They have created a model where Floodgate shares in the risk of the candidate’s success. Floodgate is a great partner to work with!

   — Jack McCarthy, Chief Commercial Officer – Bovie Medical Corp


“I never realized how much time I was spending trying to manage multiple recruiters. Having a single point of contact for all candidate and search activity has allowed me to focus on developing my team and driving sales. Thank you FloodGate!”

   — K.C. Mabry, Eastern Regional Manager – OsteoMed


“Floodgate implements a technologically advanced recruiting system which allows their clients to monitor all aspects of the recruitment process. This system, along with their professional and knowledgeable team, made this the best recruitment experience I’ve witnessed in my career.  Thanks, and Great Job Floodgate.”

   — Robert Dent, Vice President of Sales – WSC at ConvaTec


“FloodGate conducts business with a high level of ethics and integrity. They are experts in their field and passionate about delivering on their promise!”

   — Karl Harik, Human Resources Business Leader – CAE Healthcare


“FloodGate helped me find and hire 300+ sales reps and managers over the last 5 years. They are experts in the field of talent acquisition and retention! They understand what it means to be a true partner and practice those ideals that other firms merely talk about in their sales collateral.”

   — James Prince, former VP of Sales – Zoll Medical and Systagenix

From Candidates

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Floodgate Medical. Not only are you all so professional, but extremely helpful in getting me prepared me for my interview. I was able to ask all the questions and get honest answers which allowed the interview process to go very smoothly. I love where I am now in my new job, and a big thank you to your team!”

With kindest regards,
   Wendy Ahrenkiel, Sales Rep Candidate


On both ends of the recruiting continuum FloodGate’s team provided Service, Creativity and RESULTS. First, they helped me as a candidate by offering exceptional guidance and follow up through a long and cumbersome process. Shortly thereafter, they helped me mend and build a better sales team. Through daily communication and their innovative tools, we were able to sort through A LOT of candidates to find great matches for both the organization and myself! I will use them again.”

   — Sean Yanes, Candidate, and later a Client


I would not hesitate in recommending FloodGate to anyone looking for a position in medical sales! Prior to every interview, whether in-person or on the phone, my Strategic Account Manager coached me through with motivational pre-interview chats and set the stage for what to expect during each meeting. Should I have the need, Floodgate Medical is certainly the recruitment agency I would use again.”

All the best,
   Katie Wallace, Candidate


“I had a wonderful experience working with Floodgate Medical, and my Account Manager was exceptionally good to work with. He walked me through every step of the interview process, made sure that I was prepared, was always available and was pleasant to work with. Because of Floodgate Medical, I am now working for a wonderful company doing a job that I love, and I would highly recommend Floodgate to all of my friends and family.”

   — Dana Oyer, Candidate

From Recruiters

“In my 5+ years of working with FGM, we have found them to be hard working, responsive and honest. This relationship has augmented our business with opportunities we wouldn’t have had otherwise, and their unique web application makes the process so much easier. I would very much recommend them to any firm looking to expand their presence and business.”

   — Kirk Brandt, Kirk Brandt & Associates, LLC


“We were one of the early adopters of a split-fee business relationship with Floodgate Medical over five years ago. We have found it is truly a win-win situation for both the independent boutique recruiting firms like ours or the multi-recruiter firms looking for some additional business. The added benefit is you are dealing with true professionals who know and love the medical-surgical recruiting business.”

Richard Moorhead, Richard Moorhead & Associates


“It is rare these days to work with someone like Floodgate. They made it a top priority to learn as much as possible about our company, culture, and values. Floodgate’s personal attention to detail when giving their partners a search makes them easy to work with. The staff is always friendly and efficient, and their integrity and credibility is beyond reproach. Their high energy, enthusiasm and ability to do what it takes to get the job done have really made my job easier in filling their open positions. I look forward to a long and mutually successful relationship!“

— Andrea Forray, B7 Solutions


“In 15+ years of recruiting we have seen many changes in both the tools to locate strong talent and consolidation due to mergers & acquisitions. Floodgate has adapted and created a niche for identifying top candidates from multiple recruiters through highly efficient tools that channel the flow of candidates – all under a single point of contact at FGM. This helped expand our customer base and provide access to companies previously outside of our network. I strongly recommend them as a long term partner to assist in growing your placements.“

— Dave Doman, Corporate Growth International


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