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Real-Time Active Imaging for Decision Support

Our mission at BK Medical is to provide surgeons with the real-time information they need to make critical decisions, save time on procedures, and get results. With 40 years of imaging expertise, we offer intraoperative imaging solutions to support surgeons in defining their treatment plan based on real-time guidance. We offer products that are sterilizable and easy to disinfect, and continuously evaluate and validate different reprocessing methods, so that we can always offer the best reprocessing guidance to our customers.

BK Medical is a global business with direct sales representatives in our direct end-markets in the US, Canada, parts of western Europe, and Australia. BK Medical operates out of Burlington, Massachusetts; State College, Pennsylvania; and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Active Imaging
Our technology for Active Imaging is based on real-time intraoperative ultrasound. 

BK Medical's Mission

From the very beginning, BK Medical has been committed to designing active imaging systems that help surgeons visualize anatomy and lesions, guide interventions, and navigate inside the human body. Our mission at BK is to change the standard of care in surgical interventions with real-time visual guidance, giving surgeons the information needed to immediately make critical decisions.

Now, BK Medical is advancing its mission with GE Healthcare. Together, we will reach more customers and continue to empower surgeons to make critical decisions that allow for better care, faster procedures, and reduced complications.

Their Comittment

By joining forces with surgeons and urologists around the world, BK Medical commits to delivering the support to take patient outcomes to the next level.


BK’s technology is powered by 40 years of expertise in active imaging technology. Our imaging architecture, algorithms, and sterilizable within-body transducers are designed for organ-specific tissue differentiation. Our automatic image enhancement algorithms and simple guided workflows allow the surgeon an image that answers a surgical question, with minimal distractions.

Featured Products


View real-time, ultra high-definition prostate images in sagittal and transverse planes for potentially faster examinations and biopsy procedures. Elastography helps identify regions of interest to perform more targeted and confident biopsies. Our unique Triplane transducer with simultaneous biplane and endfire imaging capabilities allows you to interrogate the gland from apex to bladder neck.

Used for exceptional prostate imaging, premium kidney, bladder, and testes imaging, and enhanced lesion targeting with fusion-guided biopsies.



Designed for Surgery

Ultrasound can advance intraoperative surgical procedures by helping you navigate and identify lesions and anatomical structures in real-time. This is particularly important as the data obtained from a preoperative CT or MRI scan can be outdated at the time of surgery.

The bk5000 surgical system provides the highest quality images that allow you to clearly see the margins of a lesion and to determine the best course of action. Using advanced graphics processing technology, this powerful system provides immediate, auto-optimized images that allow you to see the information you need, faster.

Sterilizable remote control for convenient control of the system in the sterile field.

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Expert Ultrasound Guidance for Your Procedures

BK Medical's Global Presence

BK Medical's Global Presence

The Executive Team

BK Medical Executive Team