Brain injury and concussion assessment


BrainScope® is a medical neurotechnology company that is pioneering the assessment of brain injury, including concussion. The company’s innovative BrainScope One system is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, hand-held platform that empowers physicians to quickly make accurate head injury assessments at the point-of-care.

BrainScope One

The company’s innovative BrainScope One system is an easy-to-use, non-invasive, hand-held platform that empowers physicians to make more accurate TBI assessments quickly and at the point-of-care. BrainScope’s unique system leverages advanced digital signal processing, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning technologies to identify and evaluate key brain electrical activity biomarkers of TBI. BrainScope One also includes digitized versions of standard clinical assessments for milder forms of TBI known as concussion.

BrainScope’s technology is based on the premise that the brain’s electrical activity, whether reflexive, automatic, unconscious or conscious, is electrochemical in nature, and has mathematically predictable electrical correlates.


BrainScope is focusing it’s activities on five core markets.


“Before BrainScope, the military’s only options to treat suspected brain bleeds downrange were to either “wait and see” or medevac the patient for a CT scan, resulting in operational deficiencies but BrainScope’s high rate of sensitivity increases the effectiveness and accuracy of determining treatment for patients who may experience brain bleeds.”

-Lakewood, Washington

Emergency Departments

“BrainScope is “cutting-edge technology” because the device answers “the most pressing questions when treating a potential traumatic brain injury: Does the patient have blood in his head or not? And, if the answer is no, then he can be discharged, and we can treat the next patient who’s waiting for care….BrainScope One is an efficient and cost effective way to assess most mild head injuries and “The wait time before and after a CT scan is significantly longer when compared to the BrainScope One EEG test, which produces results that do not require a radiologist to interpret. The device will significantly reduce unnecessary head CT scans on patients who may not really need them.”

-Atlanta, Georgia


Occupational Medicine

“BrainScope allows providers to have access to more objective data to aid in making more informed decisions regarding brain injuries while limiting liability and providing peace of mind when the decision is made to send a patient home vs. recommending an unnecessary CT. Avoiding an unnecessary CT scan not only eliminates radiation exposure, but also reduces costs for the patient and time spent waiting in the ED and allows the healthcare system to more cost-effectively utilize its resources and improve patient satisfaction measures. From a business perspective, the Urgent Care facility generates a revenue generating stream based on serving their community.”

-Upstate, NY


“Concussions are based on a lot of subjective data, so this helps give us a lot more objective data to help assess concussion, assess structural data. Having concrete data can be a bonus in convincing a young athlete they need treatment.”

-Topeka, KS



“The Structural Injury Classifier helps determine the need for a CT scan or advanced neuroimaging. Basically, this will tell you with a high level of certainty whether or not there is likely a bleed in the brain, which is very useful. The Brain Function Index determines the degree of brain injury that’s occurred and guides clinical management and return to play decisions.”

-Mississauga, Canada


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