A proven solution for herniated disc patients.

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Intrinsic Therapeutics is the manufacturer of Barricaid®. Designed to prevent reherniation.

Adjacent to a lumbar discectomy, the Barricaid® device is designed to close large defects in the annulus, which often lead to disc reherniation and/or disc collapse. Barricaid is a permanent implant with two components – a titanium bone anchor and a flexible polymer barrier. The barrier is designed to prevent reherniation by physically blocking the annulus at the post-surgery defect. The anchor component is comprised of titanium alloy that is placed into either the caudal or cranial-adjacent vertebral body to secure the device in position.

Barricaid is a patented technology.

History of Intrinsic

The Barricaid implant breakthrough all started with inventor Greg Lambrecht, whose firsthand experience with his mother’s recurrent disc herniations inspired him to search for a better solution.

For two decades, Intrinsic Therapeutics has worked with world-renowned surgeons, scientists, clinical investigators, and medical advisors to develop the Barricaid solution for patients at high risk of recurrence following discectomy.

Following the company’s commitment to follow a responsible and evidence-based introduction of new technology, Barricaid has been rigorously studied through multiple trials, including a multicenter level I RCT demonstrating superior outcomes to discectomy alone leading to FDA Pre-Market Approval in 2019.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Reduce needless suffering by ensuring that Barricaid is accessible to patients and surgeons.

Our Vision
Creating a world where lumbar herniation doesn’t define lives.

Featured Product

Barricaid ®

Barricaid is the only FDA PMA-approved technology indicated for reducing reherniation and reoperation after lumbar discectomy. The implant is anchored to healthy bone with a titanium component that you secure to an adjacent vertebral body. Barricaid also includes a flexible polymer component designed to occlude your patient’s annular defect. As a result, Barricaid is designed to withstand 330 psi of pressure in the spinal disc. It also allows for normal anatomical movement following surgery. 

The Barricaid system includes two implant widths, one with 8mm and a second with 10mm wide occlusion component — (a polymer barrier designed to close the annulus), that are preloaded onto disposable delivery tools. The size of implant you use will depend on the width of the defect, which you will determine intraoperatively using the defect measurement tools provided with the Barricaid system. The implantation procedure is fluoroscopically guided to properly align and anchor Barricaid into an adjacent vertebral body. Implantation follows a primary discectomy procedure.