Kinex Medical

Kinex Medical is an orthopedic specialty medical equipment company facilitating the delivery and billing of durable medical equipment and orthotics for acute, post-acute and in-home rehabilitation following injury or surgery.

We support patients with product delivery, fitting, and education while handling the billing, collections and payer and patient follow-up.

We monitor patient success and convey meaningful progress updates to physicians, healthcare systems and insurance providers upon request or at mutually agreed upon times.

We manufacture and provide innovative post-op tele-rehabilitation products.

Improving the Quality of Your Life


Our mission is to exceed customer expectations and improve orthopedic surgical outcomes by providing continuous passive motion and other high-quality durable medical equipment items with the highest standards of service

Our Expertise

Kinex utilizes the latest technology combined with over 30 years of experience to ensure patient, physician and insurer satisfaction. Kinex has developed software that manages all business processes reducing errors and improving cost effectiveness. Kinex only provides CPM in a patient’s home under the supervision of a prescribing physician. All Kinex personnel who provide CPM services have attended an extensive hands-on training before setting up any equipment. Kinex CPM devices are FDA approved and designed for early rehabilitation following soft tissue repair or trauma. Patient satisfaction is monitored via monthly surveys with over an 88% satisfaction rating since 2009.


Mike Buckholdt

President and Chief Operations Officer

Examples of Kinex Medical Technology


Career Opportunities

Kinex is looking for team members who find value in supporting and empowering healthcare professionals and the patients they serve, on the road to recovery. If you pride yourself on doing great work and constant self-improvement, then you’d be among friends here at Kinex.

We’re experiencing consistent growth and are regularly hiring in Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington DC, and Wisconsin.

Kinex offers flexible schedules, competitive compensation, and benefits packages for qualifying positions.