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Laborie is a global medical technology company specializing in Gastroenterology, Urology & Urogynecology, and Obstetrics, Gynecology & Neonatal. As we grow our business and expand our product offering, we may move into more medical segments and new areas of specialty.

About Laborie

Laborie was founded in 1967 by a pioneer in urodynamics, Ray Laborie. Since then, Laborie has expanded into new categories and has established itself as a global leader in urology, urogynecology, colorectal and gastroenterology. Many of our products are still proudly manufactured in Canada. Today, Ray Laborie’s spirit of innovation lives on in each of the 900+ Laborie team members employed around the world.

We manufacture and deliver high quality, high impact diagnostic and therapeutic products that help clinicians and hospitals improve patient outcomes through progressive technology and best practice. Clinicians and hospitals look to us as the market-leading experts in our areas of specialty, and we support our products with a Clinical Education & Information Program.

Our diverse and talented team of more than 800 employees is committed to serving our 10,500+ customers across the globe. We have grown significantly over the past several years and continue to invest in new technologies, companies, and regions.


At Laborie, we believe that great healthcare is an essential safeguard of human dignity.

Our Mission every day is to operate as a world-class specialist medical company making and advancing technologies that preserve and restore human dignity. We do that today by helping people with pelvic and gastrointestinal conditions live normal lives, and by helping moms and babies have safe deliveries.


Our Vision is to become One Laborie in the way  we manage our business today and grow our business tomorrow…

Leadership Live with Tim Panciera

Vice President, US Sales – Urology & GI

Featured Urology & Urogynecology Products

Optilume® Urethral Drug Coated Balloon

Optilume® Urethral Drug Coated Balloon for the treatment of Anterior Urethral Stricture

The Optilume® urethral drug-coated balloon was developed in response to severe patient and physician dissatisfaction with current stricture solutions.

The Optilume® technology combines mechanical dilation for immediate symptomatic relief with local drug delivery to maintain urethral patency.

The semi-compliant balloon expands the tissue creating a mechanical balloon dilation effect rupturing the urethral mucosa and allowing direct, circumferential drug delivery to the exposed submucosa through micro-fissures across the length of the stricture.¹

Rapid uptake of the highly lipophilic drug, paclitaxel, limits hyperactive cell proliferation and the fibrotic scar tissue generation that results in stricture recurrence.


PrimeSight™ Flexible Cystoscope, Endosheath® & Accessories

The innovative PrimeSight cystoscopy system revolutionizes the efficiency of quality patient care by combining a high-performance cystoscope with the EndoSheath protective barrier, a sterile, single-use product with an integrated working channel. Using a PrimeSight flexible endoscope with the EndoSheath protective barrier eliminates the need for high-level disinfection between every procedure, ensuring that you can have a scope ready when you need it.

Laborie Executive Team

People Strategy at Laborie

Laborie People Strategy

Culture and Growth

Laborie is focused on creating new and exciting career opportunities and professional challenges for existing and prospective employees. In addition to working with great people, we promote a supportive work culture and offer competitive compensation, comprehensive benefits programs, as well as many opportunities for career advancement.