Saving more lives — together.


Innovation focused on impact.

Laerdal has been influential in furthering research and implementing practices that support our core research principles including the Utstein Formula for Survival, the Chain of Survival, and the Circle of Learning.

We use evidence-based knowledge to develop and continuously refine our product and service solutions. We believe we can make the biggest impact on helping save lives by our efforts to improve educational efficiency and local implementation.

About Laerdal

Our Mission:
Helping save lives

Our Vision:
No one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness, trauma or medical errors.

Our Goal:
Helping save one million lives every year by 2030

Laerdal Values

Values we believe in:

Our founder, Asmund S. Laerdal believed success was a result of the values he identified as the foundation of his business:


These values remain today!

Featured Products

Airway Management

Laerdal’s Airway Management products include:

CPR Barrier Devices
Devices that achieve reliable, safe and hygienic treatment of patients

Innovative and practical ventilation solutions.

Suction Units
A proven and trusted range since our first suction unit was introduced in 1969.


Laerdal Airway mgmt


Immobilization is a critical step to reduce instability and harm when transporting a patient. These products provide the highest-quality and most comfortable care for patients requiring immediate attention.


CPRmeter 2

CPRmeter 2 has two embedded sensors: one measuring acceleration and another measuring force. A sophisticated microprocessor continuously measures both of these parameters during each compression, and special algorithms convert the collected data into meaningful information.

The accelerometer measures the depth and rate of chest wall movement during each compression and converts it into distance travelled. The force sensor measures the force applied during CPR and is used for several purposes, the most important being to detect that pressure is not fully released between compressions i.e. provide feedback if the responder is leaning during CPR.


Laerdal CPR Meter2

Laerdal HQ

Laerdal HQ