Motus GI Holdings, Inc. was incorporated in Delaware, U.S.A. in September 2016. The Company and its subsidiaries, Motus GI Technologies, Ltd. and Motus GI, LLC., are collectively referred to as “Motus GI” or the “Company”.

Motus GI has developed the Pure-Vu® System, a medical device that has been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (the “FDA”) to help facilitate the cleansing of a poorly prepared gastrointestinal tract during colonoscopy and to help facilitate upper gastrointestinal (“GI”) endoscopy procedures. The Pure-Vu® System has received a CE Mark in the EU for use in colonoscopy. The Pure-Vu® System integrates with standard and slim colonoscopes, as well as gastroscopes, to improve visualization during colonoscopy and upper GI procedures while preserving established procedural workflow and techniques. Through irrigation and evacuation of debris, the Pure-Vu® System is designed to provide better-quality exams. Motus GI began commercialization in the fourth quarter of 2019, with the first commercial placements of its second-generation Pure-Vu® System as part of its initial U.S. market launch targeting early adopter hospitals.


Company Overview

Motus GI Company Overview

Motus GI's Mission

Motus GI® provides innovative solutions to address unmet needs in GI endoscopy, cost-effectively improving clinical outcomes that benefit patients, providers and payers worldwide.

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Pure-Vu® EVS System

The Pure-Vu® EVS System is a single-use oversleeve that easily fits on standard and slim colonoscopes to facilitate intraprocedural cleansing of the colon. It provides physicians support in addressing emergent or challenging colonoscopies by safely and rapidly providing clear visualization of the colon wall.


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