Timely Sensing for Acute Compartment Syndrome.


We’re on a mission!

MY01 Inc. is on a mission to empower healthcare professionals with the ability to pre-empt severe medical conditions thereby improving patient outcomes.

We believe that adding actionable quantitative data at the bedside during these interactions is the best way to make a meaningful impact to the patient while improving the experience of providing care. MY01 Inc. focuses on delivering actionable data at the bedside to augment clinical assessments. Qualitative People to People Assessments are at the core of personalized healthcare.

Featured Products

Continuous Compartmental Pressure Monitor

Simple yet reliable Continuous Pressure Monitoring

Digital micro sensing technology allows the MY01 device to continuously measure a patient’s intracompartmental pressure up to 18 hours.

MY01 Mobile App

MY01 Mobile Application

Wireless, app-based system enables ongoing care team collaboration

Digital pressure readings are displayed on the devices’ LCD screen and can be shared wirelessly to the care team through the MY01 App. The MY01 Mobile App enables de-identified storage of data on our Cloud for retrieval after the episode of care.

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My01 Team

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MY01 Continuous Compartmental Pressure Monitor granted Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA
FDA Clearance for MY01 Continuous Compartment Pressure Monitor