“Theragen creates non-invasive technologies that deliver therapeutic energy to the body to treat pain and disease and heal tissue. 

We leverage digital technology, software, algorithms and apps to drive patient engagement to regain an active lifestyle. We are committed to promoting compliance to improve surgical and non-surgical outcomes.”

– J. Chris McAuliffe | President & CEO

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ActaStim-S™ Spine Fusion Stimulator is the newest way to deliver FDA-approved lumbar spine fusion therapy. The ActaStim-S™ device uses capacitive coupling technology – a safe and effective therapeutic signal that has been prescribed clinically for over two decades and is backed by Level I clinical data. The ActaStim-S™ device is enhanced by the ActaStim Sync mobile app – a digital companion that tracks treatment compliance, activity levels and allows for journaling of life circumstances during recovery.

Digital engagement encourages greater compliance and the information gathered facilitates more meaningful conversations between prescribers and patients.

As assessed 12 months after surgery, patients who use the same proven therapy delivered by ActaStim-S were 2.3 times more likely to achieve overall success with 9 months of treatment.

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ActaStim Sync™

Device Therapy Meets Digital Engagement

A powerful companion technology, the ActaStim Sync app helps you actively engage in your therapy. By tracking your usage and activity, inputting key measurements, and making personalized journal entries, you can create a holistic picture of your progess that offers you and your care team a new level of insight into your healing journey.

ActaStim Sync Features:

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