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Urgo Medical North America provides medical devices and products to hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies – and the patients they treat – with a focus on acute, chronic, and surgical wounds, and additionally skin moisturization. Our extensive portfolio of products establishes proven protocols for the care and management of wounds, skin, and skin breakdown.

By listening to clinicians’ concerns, UMNA has been able to provide the highest-quality and most innovative products available, while keeping our costs competitive. Our dedicated field representatives and customer service department, as well as clinical personnel on staff, are committed to supporting the needs of the clinician. These professionals enable us to bring comprehensive solutions to those with wound and skin care complications.

Urgo Medical's Pillars of Success

Urgo Medical Pillars of Success

Featured Products



Drawtex is a hydroconductive wound dressing with LevaFiber Technology. LevaFiber is a combination of two types of absorbent differentiated structures that creates the ability to draw exudate away from the wound surface. Drawtex tracheostomy and tube dressing is designed specifically for application around a tracheostomy tube after tracheostomy surgery. The keyhole aperture in the dressing allows it to fit neatly around a tracheostomy tube or other drain or stoma to collect fluid and exudates from the tracheostomy site that ultimately prevent peristomal maceration.


Vashe Wound Solution helps to cleanse the wound and accomplish the goals of wound bed preparation in a biocompatible, safe, effective, and natural way. This solution of hypochlorous acid (HOCl) acts as a preservative that inhibits microbial contamination within the solution. Vashe Wound Solution has the highest concentration of pure HOCl.

Vashe Wound Solution is intended for cleansing, irrigating, moistening, debriding, and removing foreign material, including microorganisms, from:

– Acute and chronic dermal lesions
– Stage I-IV pressure ulcers
– Stasis ulcers
– Diabetic ulcers
– Post-surgical wounds
– First- and second-degree burns
– Abrasions and minor irritations of the skin
– Grafted and donor sites


The TLC (Technology Lipido-Colloid) matrix is a flexible dressing comprising polyester mesh impregnated with hydrocolloid and petroleum jelly particles that allows a gel to form when it comes in contact with the wound exudate, forming a moist environment within the wound, thereby promoting healing.

The TLC dressings have the ability to adapt to any changes in moisture level between your dressing changes.

If the moisture level is low, the interface can retain fluid. If the moisture is too high, the TLC dressings allow the excess to pass through the dressing, thus repelling the excess fluid.

Resta Products

Resta Crème provides superior lubricating and moisturizing protection for your skin. It “melts” on contact, penetrating skin cell layers and holding in moisture for 12 hours at a time. 

Resta SilverGel, an Antimicrobial Wound Gel is tested to kill for at least three days. Resta SilverGel is completely clear, allowing clinical observation of the wound bed.

Resta Lite lotion is perfect for daily moisturizing of face, hands, and body. Resta Lite is especially effective immediately after your shower or bath, using the unique Resta Crème base to provide a watertight moisture barrier that not only adds water to your skin but also seals in remaining surface moisture.