Zeto is a medical technology startup democratizing EEG (Electroencephalography) for healthcare. We are solving a problem unsolved for over 90 years, an archaic, tedious approach that consumes time and puts the patient through a poor experience. Our product is a patent pending, zero-prep, easy to wear headset with dry electrodes backed by a digital platform that offers instant upload and tools for analysis.

The Zeto Story

The Zeto Founder and CEO, Aswin Gunasekar recalls, ‘My cousin grew up with a severe form of epilepsy. I learned about how physicians used Electroencephalography as the gold standard to diagnose epilepsy, and being an electrical engineer, I was naturally drawn towards improving the EEG process. We’ve come a long way since I started out with a couple of part timers over 5 years ago. I am grateful to the customers we serve, my incredible teammates and for this rewarding opportunity to make the lives of patients just a tiny bit better’.

Featured Product

Zeto EEG Monitoring Device

Convenient for the Operator: Easy to put on and adjust. Average prep time: 5 minutes. No wires. No glue. No clean up.

Comfortable for the Patient: No residue, soft tip electrodes, soft support pads, gentle on the skin.

Zeto EEG
Zeto Case

Technical Specifications

Software User Application

All interactions are performed through the Zeto app or an HTML5 capable web browser such as Google Chrome.

Montage Selection , Gain, Time Scale, Filter Setting, Contact Quality, Video


Other Features:

Zeto Software

Zeto Interview