3 Must Do Tips to Take Control of Your Sales Career

Accelerate your Sales Career Now

You Became Famous in 2018. Okay, I had to go and ruin it didn’t I? Can’t I just get off your back and let you enjoy the revelry of the recently departed Holiday Season before dropping the “reminder bomb” of the “life altering” resolutions that you just made?

But good news! It’s only January. Which means you have eleven plus months to really get things going. I mean, you still have tons of time to blow out of work early while walking past door after door of possible clients. Or perhaps burn up an hour or so doing meaningless paperwork after one halfway decent tele-sales call. Sure, don’t sweat it. And oh, it’s time to start researching that 2018 spring break trip. Never mind those Facebook updates you need to get on top of. And did you see what Kim Kardashian was up to today on Twitter?!!! Your change can wait a while, can’t it? Whew!

Well, I hate to do this to you. Hell, I like some good procrastination like most, but I just can’t let you do it. You are in this thing with the rest of us. We are all going into 2018 together…as a bunch of crazy Sales Weapons. 

2018 is your Year

So why make 2018 the year you worked harder, became smarter and did more than ever to increase your skills? Because the feeling of accomplishment that comes from being THE top sales performer in your company or industry is tough to beat. Think of the perks that come with being better than everybody at the world’s greatest profession. While I will promise not to sound like a late night infomercial promising lavish yachts, fast cars and beautiful people falling at your feet, I will promise you this: You will feel like a champion. You will gain the respect of your managers and company leaders and perhaps even more importantly, your customers.

While I fully realize the thrill of a large commission check may be good enough for you, for most, the driving motivation is recognition and respect. So ask yourself a question right now. When was the last time you were publicly recognized by your company, manager or industry? I’m talking about an award, a voicemail passed on about something extraordinary you did or a posting of a customer testimonial on the company website about your amazing service. When was the last time somebody made you feel respected by asking your advice about how to sell at a high level, how to overcome that common objection, how to get to the top!? If you said six months, one year or never, then things are about to change. In 2018 you WILL be noticed. You WILL be respected. And you WILL be a top performer. It’s time to become famous in your company and industry. But how?

3 Steps to More Successful Sales Career

Step 1: Grab a pen and pad, an iPad or a computer right now.

Step 2: Think clearly about what your success will look like at the end of this year. Then answer the below questions:


  • How will you ultimately measure your success?



  • Who will be positively affected if 2018 is your best year?



  • Who will help you get there?



  • What did you do in 2017 that you should keep doing?



  • What did you do in 2017 that you should stop doing?



  • What do you need to begin doing in 2018 that you haven’t done yet?



Step 3) Let’s talk activity and make it specific.


I will make $______________ this year.

I will close ________ sales a week.

I will have _________ sales presentations/meetings a day.

I will make _______ prospecting calls a day.

I will plan _________ hours/minutes each week to plan.

I will be rank #_________ in my company in sales.


Keep the Finish Line front and Center in your Mind

Now take that sheet and tape it to your forehead! Take a deep breath, and let those commitments sink into your brain. And when you are done peeling the tape off your face, make one more commitment. Promise yourself that you will look at that sheet (electronic version works good too) each Monday morning and Friday afternoon. The more you look at those objectives, the more quickly you will become a top performer. You see, by keeping the finish line in front of you at all times, you will know exactly where to run. The target will be stationary, and a stationary target is much easier to hit than one that is moving.

And notice the last line of the PRECISE Objectives. You need to plan to plan. This means that you need to pick a set time each week to map out your month. And during that planning time, DO NOT pick up voicemails, emails or tweet! Plan your high value activities at least two weeks out.

So here’s my prediction for 2018. If you are committed to mastering sales, consistently focusing on your objectives and scheduling time each week to plan, you will get the recognition and respect that we talked about earlier. Your peers will want to be like you, your CEO will want to know your secrets and your customers will want to fix you up with their closest relative (assuming you’re single). And next holiday season, as you review 2018, you will be thankful for the commitments to excellence you made one year ago.

And lastly, never forget:

“No amount of success at work can compensate for failure at home.” -Patrick Morley

See you at the TOP!

Sales Coach and Business Consultant Brian Sullivan,CSP is the author of the book, 20 Days to the TOP- How the PRECISE Selling Formula Will Make You Your Company’s Top Sales Performer in 20 Days or Less. To learn more about his training programs and sales/leadership keynotes for your next meeting, go to www.preciseselling.com.