We have completely reinvented the recruiting process

through constant evolution, innovation and customizing solutions. We seamlessly integrate the perfect blend of human engagement and cutting edge technology, using our proprietary, cloud-based Talent Web App, to obsessively find and match the best candidates to the best jobs.

Quickly and painlessly.

Our ultimate goal is finding solutions to help medical companies accelerate sales.

Avg. $ Compensation of current open positions
Approx. Hiring Managers who rely on FGM to fill their important Sales/Leadership positions
Our Candidates who are fully guaranteed
Stick Rate: still employed at client after 12 months
0.2 yrs
Avg. FGM Liason’s tenure in medical talent acquisition
Point Person at FGM to manage entire process
I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with Floodgate Medical. Not only are you all so professional, but extremely helpful in getting me prepared me for my interview. I was able to ask all the questions and get honest answers which allowed the interview process to go very smoothly. I love where I am now in my new job, and a big thank you to your team!

With kindest regards,

Wendy Ahrenkiel, Candidate
On both ends of the recruiting continuum FloodGate’s team provided Service, Creativity and RESULTS. First, they helped me as a candidate by offering exceptional guidance and follow up through a long and cumbersome process. Shortly thereafter, they helped me mend and build a better sales team. Through daily communication and their innovative tools, we were able to sort through A LOT of candidates to find great matches for both the organization and myself! I will use them again.
Sean Yanes, Candidate, and Client
I would not hesitate in recommending FloodGate to anyone looking for a position in medical sales! Prior to every interview, whether in-person or on the phone, my Strategic Account Manager coached me through with motivational pre-interview chats and set the stage for what to expect during each meeting. Should I have the need, Floodgate Medical is certainly the recruitment agency I would use again.

All the best,

Katie Wallace, Candidate
“I had a wonderful experience working with Floodgate Medical, and my Account Manager was exceptionally good to work with. He walked me through every step of the interview process, made sure that I was prepared, was always available and was pleasant to work with. Because of Floodgate Medical, I am now working for a wonderful company doing a job that I love, and I would highly recommend Floodgate to all of my friends and family.”
Dana Oyer, Candidate
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Log into our Talent Web App and create a new profile. This will enable you to engage with us to find a great match – new opportunities emerge every week. To start the process, there are 3 steps that should take about :90 seconds to complete.




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FloodGate Medical is the leading talent acquisition solutions company in the medical industry. We fully manage the client relationships and the entire recruiting process from beginning to end.  We act as a liaison to convey information between the Hiring Managers and our candidates that are active in the interviewing process.
Once you have created a profile in our candidate database, we are able to notify you via email about any opportunities that cross our desk that look like they could be a good fit for you and your background. You are also able to view all of the positions we are currently working on filling. Providing us with your most current resume, location and current compensation will allow us to share the most targeted opportunities with you!
Joining our Talent Community is completely cost free for all of our candidates! We are solely focused on providing services that allow us to match candidates with the best talent to our medical manufacturer clients, who are looking to hire successful sales and sales leadership individuals.  
Yes – you can rest assured that your personal candidate profile is completely confidential. Your information will never be shared with anyone outside of Floodgate Medical, until you’ve been notified about a possible opportunity with one of our clients and granted us permission to do so. We have a firewall built-in for security purposes.
As a candidate in our system, we expect that you are keeping your profile complete and updated with the most current/relevant information that will allow us to properly evaluate you as a candidate for the numerous positions we are working on. We also ask that you are responsive via phone call, email or SMS as we notify you of potential opportunities that look like they could be a good fit for you and your background. Also, being transparent with us while working together will allow for the best possible experience.
Just as we expect you to be responsive and transparent, we hold ourselves to the same standard and promise to be responsive with all incoming correspondence as well as making sure you are provided with information regarding your candidacy as we receive updates throughout the interview process. You can also expect that we will close the loop with all candidates for each position no matter the outcome.
Keep monitoring our All Jobs page to see if there is anything we are currently working on that is a match for your skills and background. If there isn’t anything currently listed that is a potential match, we will notify you via email when something becomes available in your geography that looks like it could be a good fit.


We partner with the top medical companies across the country to skillfully find & match the best people to the best career opportunities.