What are you capable of ? Break into MedTech!

Introducing FloodGate Futures for Veterans Actively Transitioning Careers

Your military experience has prepared you for a career in MedTech!

Our mission over the next few years is to improve the lives of 1,000 military veterans. 

Through both research and experience, we have found that one of the greatest challenges facing veterans today is their transition from military to civilian life.  We know, and the industry has told us, veterans are one of our nation’s greatest resources.

You have the skills and character to lead in all industries, including and especially MedTech.

Download Our Career Transition Guide VETERANS BREAKING INTO MEDTECH!

Have you recently found yourself on the job market for the first time after retiring from the Military and unsure of how to navigate the job search process? This guide uses our 15+ years of Medical Device recruiting and career coaching experience to offer a career transition solution designed just for Military Veterans looking to break into Medical Sales.

This guide includes:

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What do people in MedTEch ACTUALLY Make?
Here's OUr 2024 compensation Guide

Medical Device Compensation

Are your compensation goals where they need to be? 

Use this guide to land a better role by knowing where you stand in this very competitive Medical Device market. 

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