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You are good at a lot of things.
Is job searching one of them?

Our FloodGate Futures Promise

We’ve placed over a thousand job seekers, let us do the same for you. Be the best candidate possible with tools, knowledge, and support from those who know this best. This program will set you on the path to find a better, brighter future, guaranteed. 

Land Your Next Role. We Can Help.

From an extensive e-Learning library of job seeker-specific content, to our full list of job offerings, or our peer-group style Job Search BootCamp…
FloodGate Futures has something for you.

Is your first impression, the right impression?

Get your resume and/or LinkedIn profile reviewed by our in house branding expert Mark Bartz. Unlike generic writers, Mark has over 25 years of niche industry experience. Whether you need a simple revision or a total rewrite, we’ve got you covered. It’s not about just having something easy on the eyes, you need your audience to lean in.

Not sure where to start? Who to connect with?

You need the right tools for any job, and finding a job should be easy. Visit our Candidate Resource Center, complete with videos, articles, and downloadables specific to the stages of career searching – Exploring, Engaging, Interviewing, and Closing. Level up your candidacy and land the dream job you’ve always wanted!   

Is finding a new job now your full-time job?

We know how difficult it can be starting your job search. We have new roles opening every day all across the country with companies specializing in numerous areas within the medtech and med device space. From management to entry-level, there’s roles for every candidate. Click the link below to see what opportunities we have and start applying!

Biotech Recruitment Companies

Candidate resource center For Job Seekers

The most successful endeavors involve an effective plan and significant preparation. To get you ready for your job search, our Candidate Content Hub will be there every step of the way, with the resources that will allow you to succeed

With preparation complete, now is the time for action. We will be by your side showing you where you should spend you time and how to make the most of your targeted efforts.

Whether this is your 30th interview this year or your first in 30 years, the tools available here will make sure you’re successful in any type of interview – phone – video – in-person. Excel in the process with the right information and coaching at your disposal.

Making the right choice and knowing what to ask for is difficult, which is why our “Closing” material will guide you through this very important step in the final interview process.


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