3 Tips to Boost Your Sales Skills

Selling is an art, and there are always ways to become a better salesperson. Selling is about reading people, understanding their needs and solving problems. It’s so much more than just “sell me this pen.” Boost your sales skills with these tips.

1) Build your Personal Brand

In today’s world, technology is king. This creates a great opportunity for salespeople. Pick one channel that relates well to your industry, whether it be Facebook, LinkedIn, a podcast, blog or another platform, and focus on building your brand as an expert in the space.

For example, if you are a medical device salesperson, share relevant articles about the industry. Host a podcast interviewing doctors and hospital board members about the healthcare industry. If you aren’t an expert yourself, become an expert by interviewing those who already are. The internet makes it possible for ordinary people to become extraordinary. Do what you can to become a recognized name and influencer in your industry. If nothing else, it will make it much easier to get in front of potential prospects.

2) Get into the Right Mindset

Let’s face it, sometimes salespeople get a bad rap. We’ve all had the bad experience of feeling pressured by a salesperson to buy something that we don’t want or need. Think about the kiosk people at the mall. I always try to avoid eye contact with them. Thinking of sales as pressuring people, doing all the talking and wearing a cheesy blue polyester suit paints a pretty negative picture. But that’s not what sales truly is.

Effective salespeople help potential clients uncover problems, problems they might not of even knew that they had, and provide solutions that make their customers’ lives easier. As a salesperson, you’re helping people. When doing something like cold calling and facing numerous rejections, it can be hard to remember this. If you find yourself getting frustrated or discouraged, take a moment to adjust your mindset on what you’re doing, and how you’re truly helping people. 

3) Be Resilient

Perhaps one of the best skills learned from being a salesperson is resilience. A sales career can feel like a roller coaster ride. When you’re up, you’re up – you have butterfies in your stomach and are on top of the world. And when you’re going through a dry spell, it might feel like you’re crashing headfirst toward the earth with a chance of vomiting. Every salesperson has his or her ups or downs. It’s what you do during the down times that truly makes a difference.

When you’re having a rough week or month, or even year, take a moment to think about your strategy. Invest in sales books, tapes or seminars and learn new strategies. Listen to podcasts when you’re in the car or on your lunch break. Any moment is a chance to learn. And any form of education that you can add to your tool belt will help you get better, and hopefully reduce the low time in the future.

All in all, remember that no for profit company can do anything without sales coming in the door. As a salesperson, you’re on the front lines. Your job isn’t easy, but it’s what keeps the wheels in motion. Keep learning, stay positive and sell on.

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