Are You A Social Media Weakling?

Generally speaking, email is a more personal form of communication, more of a direct connection and (hopefully) a more thoughtful, considered engagement – if the content is not total junk e-mail. Yes, direct mail is still prevalent, as evidenced by a daily pile in the physical house mailbox, but let’s face it, e-mail communications today are the letter-writing of old days (like, last Century). It’s how professionals communicate. So how can we use it as an effective social media tool?

For our purposes of amplifying social engagement power, it’s a true supplement, a booster rocket. The power of e-mail can drive back to social engagement, and especially e-mail with high read rates. (make sure you make the content engaging and relevant)

Here’s a few simple ways to utilize e-mail to amplify your social engagement:

  • Linking back to your Social channels in your mass Email Comms – link back appropriate, relevant content areas to the respective social media channel. If you have a photo gallery, link back to your Facebook or Instagram photo sections. If you’re talking about new significant news or press, link back to your Twitter news feed. If you have new job postings, link back to your LinkedIn jobs feed. You get the idea…
  • Include easy “Share This” and “Follow Us” buttons. And be sure to search for the latest, newest coding to make it super easy.
  • Including icons/links in your Email signature – it seems like a no-brainer, think about how many emails you send per day, and if there’s a good percentage to people outside your company, well then that’s a lot of exposure, and frequency.
  • And utilize the reverse flow of info – use social media to feed your email database. Periodically have posts include a link to sign up for your Email Newsletter. Also feature it on your website and in your mass Email comms. Keep feeding the beast.

Keep engaging and don’t be afraid to beef up a little, use appropriate supplements.

* * *

Floodgate Medical is proud to have been ranked #9 in LinkedIn’s 2017 Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies for North America in our category.