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How to Mentally Get In The Job Search Game
Job Search Myths Debunked
Crafting Your Value Proposition
Resumé Creation - 3 Questions to Start Your Resumé
Resumé Creation - Part 2
LinkedIn Basics
Sketching Out Your Needs, Wants, and Wishes
Due Diligence Do's & Don'ts
Naming Your Network
The Importance of Networking
How to Reach Out to Your Network (Step 2)
How to Leverage Recruiters
Reaching Out to Hiring Managers at Your Target Companies
A Week in the Life of a Job Search
What Do Your Socials Say About You?
Phone Interview Prep
Video Interview Prep
Preparing for Face to Face Interview
Acing the Face to Face Interview
Communicating with Hiring Manager & Recruiter Best Practices
Preparing for a Ride Day
What to do With Down Time in Between Interviews
Understanding Different Interview Styles
How to Turn Bad News into Helpful Tips Moving Forward
Evaluating the Opportunity: Removing Emotional Bias & Focusing on the Objective
How to Resign Professionally
How to Work with an External Recruiter During the Offer Stage
Conclusion Video

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