Advancing Your Best Candidates

This part of the process is so important – it can make or break the deal for you and your candidates. In these videos, we’re going to walk you through the what you should be doing once you’ve completed the interviews all the way through to the final interview and offer stage.


Navigating the Interview Process – Part 1

Use the positive momentum that you’ve gained throughout your search. Learn how to evaluate and validate your candidates to narrow it down to those you want to advance in the interview process.

Navigating the Interview Process – Part 2

After a successful inter, what additional assessments can you use to narrow the field even more? Determine what kind of assessment will help you the most.

Navigating the Interview Process – Part 3

The final steps involve making a selection, determining who else is involved in the process, and preparing the best candidate to accepting your offer and join your team.

The 3 C’s of Onboarding

Make your new hire feel welcome, invested and a part of your team from the very start. Help them to understand your company culture and succeed at building new relationships within the team. Ensure that they have the tools and resources to be a Rock Star!


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