How to Interview Candidates

We know that hiring isn’t your only job. You have a TON of other responsibilities that are separate from hiring top talent for your team. This collection of videos was created to help walk you through the steps of successfully interviewing your candidates. You’ll see that there is so much more that goes into interviewing than just conducting the actual interview.

Check out the videos and resources we have below to help you through your next set of interviews, to make sure you get your next great hire!


The Interview – Part 1

Use our 15 years of recruiting experience to prepare for the best interview possible. How to get your interview set up before the candidate even arrives. Making sure you and the candidate are prepared for the best interview experience.

The Interview – Part 2

How to run a successful interview. Use our proven schedule to keep your interview on track. Ensure that you and the candidate get the information needed to move forward.

The Interview – Part 3

The best interviewers finish strong. When and how a successful interviewer evaluates each candidate post interview. What tools can you use to reduce bias and utilize solid information to make the right hire.


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