Optimizing Your Recruiting Team

Optimizing your recruiting team goes for both your internal and external recruiting teams. In this segment, you’ll learn what you should expect and demand from your recruiting partners, as well as what you as the hiring manager need to give to them.

In these videos we will cover:


Optimize Your Recruiting Team – Part 1

This video talk about what you should expect from your recruiting partner and what you can do to help that relationship succeed. Learn the difference between a good and a great recruiter.

Optimize Your Recruiting Team – Part 2

Recruiters are your Brand Ambassadors. What do you need to look for to make sure that they are presenting the brand you want your potential candidates to see? You want to make them your best ally in the job market.

Optimize Your Recruiting Team – Part 3

We share 7 steps to ensure that you are setting your recruiting team up for success. We discuss how to build a truly productive partnership and your company’s long term success.


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