Helping you navigate from preparation to acceptance.

Our FloodGate Futures Promise

Here at FloodGate Futures, we can’t make the promise that we will get you hired, but what we can promise is to give you the all of the tools, knowledge, and accountability needed to be the best candidate possible. This will set you on the path to find a better future.

Phase 1: Preparing for Your New Future

The most successful endeavors involve an effective plan and significant preparation. To get you ready for your job search, your Career Navigator will be there every step of the way, with the resources that will allow you to succeed.

Phase 2: Executing a Networking Plan

With preparation complete, now is the time for action. We will be by your side showing you where you should spend your time and how to make the most of your targeted efforts.

Phase 3: Interview Preparation and Excellence

Whether this is your 30th interview this year or your first in 30 years, your Career Navigator will be there to help you be your best. They will provide you with the tools needed for preparation allowing you to excel in this process.

Phase 4: Closing the Deal & Transitioning

Making the right choice and knowing what to ask for is difficult, which is why your FloodGate Futures Career Navigator will walk beside you and assist you throughout this very important step in the final interview process.