How to Craft a Winning Resumé

Today’s job market is highly competitive which means that having a winning resumé is more crucial than ever. In many cases, your resumé is the first impression you will have on potential employers; therefore, you have to make it count or else you may blow opportunities away.

If your resumé is solid, average, or it sucks, here are some tips to make it GREAT:

1. Customize it for each position:

One size does not fit all. Customize your resumé for each application you fill out. Highlight skills, experiences, and achievements that align with the specific role you want.

2. Write a strong summary:

This is your elevator pitch. Use this section to shed light on your unique value proposition. What skills are you bringing to the table and what makes you the ideal candidate over others?

3. Quantify your achievements:

Don’t just list your tasks/responsibilities from previous jobs. Share specific numbers and results that prove the impacts you made. How many websites did you create? How many employees did you manage? How much revenue did you generate in sales?

4. Highlight relevant keywords:

Today, many companies are using applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumés for specific keywords. Look over the job description and naturally incorporate keywords into your resumé that make sense. This increases your chances of making it past screening done by AI.

5. Showcase transferable skills:

Especially if you’re applying for a role that differs from previous positions, highlight transferable skills that prove your flexibility and ability to adapt. Examples of transferable skills include organization, communication, and creativity.

6. Make it visually appealing:

Although content is most important, visual appeal is also needed. Keep your resumé clean and fit it on one page, two pages max if you’re further in your career. Keep the font and bullet point styles consistent. Refrain from adding too much color and design as it can be distracting.

7. Prioritize recent and relevant experiences:

Place these experiences at the top of your resumé. This will help hiring managers gauge the current levels of your skills.

8. Create an online portfolio/website

If you have a site that showcases any work that you have done, include the link in your resumé. This can help provide the hiring manager with a clearer understanding of what you are capable of — Seeing a real visual will make your work more credible.

Your resumé is your ticket to the interview. Ask yourself, does my resumé reflect who I am and the hard work I have put in? Don’t be afraid to add a little personality to it. Follow these tips for crafting a winning resumé, and the likelihood of you standing out from the crowd will increase!