How To Improve Your Marketability

When you decide it’s time to engage in a job search, there are many things you can do to prepare properly, improve your marketability, and implement at the onset of your search. Your goal should be to get a leg up on your competition and stand out from the crowd.

1. Respect Your Referral

  • Respect the source of any referral made
    • If you learned about a position through a recruiter or employee, do not circumvent them by applying to the position online (unless indicating them as your source)

2. Capitalize on your online and Social Media presence

  • Make sure your profile is updated on our FloodGate Talent Web App.  This will help us identify opportunities that may be fit for you.
  • Update your LinkedIn Profile
    • Get recommended from colleagues, previous employers, etc.
    • Update with your latest success stats and accomplishments

3. Polish up Your Materials

  • Make sure your resume is up to date
  • Make sure dates appear in chronological order
  • Build your “brag book”
    • Don’t save your sales numbers for your brag book; interviewers need to see this at first pass – 1st impressions are everything
  • Gather a list of up to date and impressive references
    • Get reference letters from colleagues to share with potential employers

4. Research, Research, Research

  • Register and search for jobs on the following sites:  
    -MedReps, Medcareers, MedGorilla, LinkedIn, Indeed, etc.  
  • Be proactive in researching news and blog sites to learn more about your industry and those which you are interested i
  • Conduct research to see which companies are hiring and when  Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on open positions

5. Be Proactive

  • Document everything you might be asked in the future
    • W2’s, sales results, sales awards, certifications, etc.
  • Don’t wait to gather your sales performance data until you are actively looking for a new job – this should be an ongoing task. We’ve talked to hundreds of candidates who were victims of an RIF, wherein their laptops were taken away without notice, leaving them with no access to their numbers

6. Connect With Floodgate Medical

7. Continuous Improvement

  • Keep producing and growing in your current position
  • This is not the time to slack off; do everything you can to keep a positive reputation in your job until you find a new one