Inferiority Creates a Vacuum

“Remember, no one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”

~ Eleanor Roosevelt

There are several differences between those in a position of authority and those who are not. While those in a position of authority often possess more knowledge and skill than those following them, often they do not. Sometimes folks find themselves in a leadership role because those around them are afraid to step up and offer new ideas and solutions. For the follower, that fear is fueled by the belief that their knowledge and skill is inferior to those in a greater position of authority. But guess what? Any person who now finds himself or herself in a leadership role also felt inferior at some point… but only momentarily. Then they stopped consenting and started leading. And they soon realized that their inferiority mindset was leaving a vacuum that was being filled… by somebody other than them.

So if you are in the midst of your own inferiority complex, here is the way to get out of it:

  • Increase your knowledge and skill by scheduling 30-60 minutes each week to learn something new. This will increase your value to both internal and external customers. It will also increase your confidence.
  • Find one big area that you think your company or team can improve upon. Then develop three well thought-out solutions to share.
  • Present your solutions… with an enormous amount of confidence.
  • Always be positive and never make it comfortable for others to complain around you.
  • Repeat

And here’s the good news. There are ALWAYS vacuums to fill. Which means there is always more room for leaders. Which means there is always room for you. So stop consenting and start inventing!

As president of PRECISE Selling, Brian Sullivan helps improve sales, customer service, negotiations, leadership, and presentation skills through seminars and internet training programs. To learn more, go to