Re-Energize Your Job Search and Land the Job

Finding a job can be tough. Finding the right job can be just as much work as the job itself. Searching through job boards, writing cover letters, interviewing and everything else takes time and energy. If all of this work isn’t leading you to the job that you want, it can be really discouraging. Don’t let the job search blues get you down. We’re here with some tips to help you re-energize your job search and land the job.

Reevaluate your Strategy

What types of jobs have you been applying for? Are you just applying for the ones that require the least amount of effort to apply? Do you have a strategy or are you just approaching this willie nillie? Sometimes the most important step you can take is a step backward. Stop, take a moment to write down what you want in your new job, then come up with a strategy.

Rather than just searching on job boards, once you’ve identified what type of work you want to do, identify specific companies that you want to work for. This way, you can be more strategic in your approach to finding a new job, by getting in touch with the right people, going to the right networking events and staying up to date with the latest news on the organizations that are top of your list.

Network like its your Job

Network like crazy. Ask friends or colleagues what networking events they go to. Check with your local Chamber of Commerce, Facebook or Meetup for events. Nothing is more powerful than a smile and a handshake.

Be conscientious of how you come across when networking. You obviously have an end goal in mind, but be strategic in how you approach that. Focus on getting to know people, providing value and then move into making the ask, whatever that may be, when the timing is right.

Take Care of You

It can be extremely frustrating when you are searching for a job and just haven’t gotten much traction. To help you stay positive, focus on things you can control. Exercise, meditate, eat healthy, listen to podcasts. Do things that make you proud of yourself. It will help you to stay positive and feel accomplished as you continue your search.

When you’re in a good mindset, you’ll have more energy and stress less. This will help you to keep your eye on the prize and fight through the ups and downs of the job search grind.

Work with a Recruiter

Recruiters have relationships with organizations, and can help you get a foot in the door. They can also help you with your resume, interview tips and more. They’re an amazing resource and won’t cost you a dime. Ok, maybe we’re a little bit biased, but we definitely think you should at least talk to a recruiter. Hey, we’re here to help!

If you’re searching for a job and want to work with a world class team of recruiters, Floodgate has you covered. Contact us to get in touch with one of our recruiters today.