RSNA 2023 Buzz Report

Immersing ourselves in the expansive realm of medical imaging, Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 emerged as a captivating educational hub, unveiling a plethora of groundbreaking technologies and innovations. This annual conference served as a crucible for the latest advancements, offering a comprehensive exploration of transformative technologies set to reshape the landscape of healthcare. From state-of-the-art imaging systems to pioneering artificial intelligence applications, RSNA 2023 provided a deep dive into the future of diagnostic medicine. This year’s meeting was more exciting than ever. Below, we highlight the Top 15 Companies who made an impression and are leading through change.

Subtle Medical

Subtle Medical is dedicated to revolutionizing the healthcare landscape through the development and deployment of responsible AI solutions, making a tangible difference in both radiology workflow and patient experience. As a global leader in applying deep learning to medical image acquisition, Subtle Medical is at the forefront of enabling faster, safer, and more intelligent medical imaging. Their flagship product, SubtleMR™, is a software solution designed to enhance the quality of accelerated MRI protocols by incorporating sharpness enhancement and denoising techniques. Additionally, SubtlePET, another cutting-edge AI-powered software solution, efficiently denoises images acquired in just 25% of the original scan duration, exemplifying the commitment to innovation and efficiency in the realm of medical imaging.

KUBTEC Medical Imaging

KUBTEC takes center stage in the evolution of breast cancer surgery, unveiling cutting-edge 3D breast imaging technology seamlessly integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Gamma detection capabilities. At the recent conference, the spotlight was on KUBTEC’s groundbreaking MOZART® System. This unique system stands alone as the sole breast specimen imaging technology utilizing 3D tomosynthesis, offering an unparalleled view of surgical margins and significantly diminishing the need for re-excisions. Through their ongoing commitment to research and development, KUBTEC empowers surgeons with immediate visualization of surgical margins in the operating theater, ultimately leading to reduced re-excision rates, preservation of healthy breast tissue, and a significant enhancement in patient outcomes. The fusion of innovation and precision defines KUBTEC’s contribution to reshaping the landscape of breast cancer surgery.


Redefining healthcare demands a fresh perspective on intelligence utilization, and Enlitic is leading the charge of this transformation. With a mission to enhance radiologists’ efficiency, Enlitic harnesses the potency of artificial intelligence through groundbreaking data management solutions. By standardizing DICOM studies and establishing a uniform nomenclature, Enlitic not only optimizes radiologist workflows but also fulfills the long-awaited promises of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS). This visionary approach not only reclaims valuable time for radiologists but also elevates data quality, setting the stage for profound impacts on downstream workflows. Enlitic is redefining the intersection of technology and healthcare, ushering in a new era of intelligent, streamlined radiology practices.


RapidAI leads the way in brain imaging analysis, providing healthcare professionals worldwide with proven software tools. These tools empower professionals to identify and diagnose a broader spectrum of cerebrovascular disorders than ever before. A significant stride in their commitment to innovation is the introduction of Rapid Edge Cloud*, a distinctive AI-based healthcare platform. This hybrid infrastructure, combining both cloud and on-premise technologies, is meticulously designed for enhanced speed, security, and flexibility. Notably, it seamlessly integrates with hospital and third-party applications, marking a groundbreaking advancement in the field of healthcare technology.


Imalogix is a trailblazer in reshaping insights and their visualization, ushering in a new era of systematic enhancement for workflow, quality, and safety in medical imaging. The backbone of this transformation lies in their cloud-based ecosystem, fueled by a fusion of human and machine intelligence. Imalogix’s Intelligent Dashboards act as a conduit, delivering the collective best practices of their extensive network directly to customers through deep learning insights. At RSNA, Imalogix unveiled game-changing features such as CMS Reporting, Image Quality, and QC, poised to revolutionize the CT imaging experience.


4DMedical continues to impress with their respiratory imaging innovation, revolutionizing our comprehension of lung function and motion through cutting-edge technologies. Their disruptive XV Technology intricately unveils lung insights at every point, offering researchers, clinicians, and patients a level of understanding beyond the capabilities of traditional modalities. This four-dimensional and visually immersive exploration not only informs diagnoses but empowers decision-makers by quantitatively revealing regional lung function patterns.

Spectrum Dynamics Medical

Spectrum Dynamics is driving the transformation of Nuclear Medicine, ushering in the era of digital technology that enhances healthcare services by improving image quality and efficiency while reducing doses. At the forefront of this transformation is D-SPECT®, the world’s pioneering digital cardiac SPECT system. Fueled by Broadview Technology and equipped with swiveling CZT digital detectors, it supports advanced applications like TruCorr Attenuation Correction, TruFlow 3D dynamic SPECT imaging for Myocardial Flow Reserve (MFR) analysis, and Simultaneous Dual Isotope Imaging (SDI). Complementing this innovation is VERITON-CT®, the world’s first digital 360°CZT-based SPECT/CT system featuring a ring-shaped gantry design. Boasting a wide 80cm bore to accommodate patients of all sizes, VERITON-CT integrates TruFlow 3D dynamic SPECT/CT imaging for various studies, including SPECT MFR, bone, renal, and general studies. Evolving with an energy range up to 400 KeV and multiple peak imaging, VERITON-CT ensures the highest quality and quantitation-ready images.

At the forefront of medical imaging data management and analysis, is paving the way for the future of informed and precise healthcare decisions. Positioned as a pioneering force, they champion a world where impactful decisions harness the power of trustworthy AI. The Flywheel platform is the bedrock of this vision, empowering healthcare professionals, researchers, and innovators to seamlessly access and curate medical imaging data. This not only fuels the development of cutting-edge imaging algorithms but also accelerates biomarker discovery, contributing to significant advancements in patient outcomes. Noteworthy collaborations with industry giants Microsoft and NVIDIA were celebrated at the show, where the team proudly announced the launch of their SAAS on Microsoft Azure. A seamless integration with mPower Clinical Analytics by Nuance Communications enables the one-click extraction of data from radiology reports, marking a significant leap forward in medical imaging technology.


RamSoft stands at the forefront of healthcare technology, renowned for its commitment to revolutionizing medical imaging workflows. Their cutting-edge product, OmegaAI, is a cloud-native SaaS solution that is fully customizable based on the radiologist and/or the imaging center that’s using it. The technology leverages AI-driven insights to elevate the precision and efficiency of medical imaging interpretations. RamSoft’s innovative approach, combined with the transformative power of OmegaAI, is set to redefine standards in the healthcare industry. Together, they create a dynamic synergy, empowering healthcare professionals with advanced tools to navigate the complexities of diagnostic imaging and deliver superior patient care.

Pioneering the future of U.S. healthcare, proudly presents the world’s most comprehensive AI triage solution. Their enterprise solutions, rigorously trained and validated for clinical excellence, stand as a testament to their commitment to advancing healthcare practices. Leveraging one of the largest datasets globally, Annalise Triage takes center stage in prioritizing time-sensitive cases, significantly enhancing reporting times, report turnaround times, and overall time-to-care for critical head and chest findings—all seamlessly integrated into the clinical workflow. This innovative solution not only bolsters Radiologists with added confidence but also proves invaluable during nights and weekends when staffing coverage may be limited, mitigating potential risks to patient health.

Koios Medical

Koios Smart Ultrasound software is a breakthrough in early and precise diagnosis of breast and thyroid cancer. The Koios DS, powered by an ensemble of algorithms trained on a proprietary dataset of over 2 million ultrasound images, meticulously analyzes 17.9k features per image. Through artificial intelligence, the software adeptly classifies and provides an accurate cancer risk assessment. This advanced technology significantly minimizes avoidable biopsies, unnecessary follow-up appointments, patient stress, out-of-pocket expenses from false positives, over-treatment, and human errors, offering a comprehensive solution to enhance diagnostic efficiency.

MediView XR, Inc.

MediView is a groundbreaking digital health company, using augmented reality and remote connectivity for revolutionary surgical navigation and teleprocedure platforms. Surgeons access real-time intraoperative 3D “x-ray” holographic visualization, tracking instruments and planning trajectories. The platform enables remote collaboration among medical professionals, expanding telehealth for improved care delivery to remote populations. MediView also captures data from holographic procedures, providing valuable insights to medical professionals. They recently announced the first inpatient utilization of its XR90 AR-based surgical visualization and navigation system since its 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The system is intended to be used adjunctively for minimally invasive ultrasound and CT guided needle-based procedures for soft tissue and bone.

United Imaging – North America

United Imaging is redefining industry standards with a dynamic, highly integrated structure and a distinctive “all-in” strategy. Their uDR portfolio epitomizes innovation in digital imaging technology, delivering exceptional image quality to enhance the visualization of fine details. Engineered with the ALARA (as low as reasonably achievable) principle in mind, their approach prioritizes high-quality X-ray imaging through low patient exposures, utilizing detectors with superior detective quantum efficiency (DQE). With a bold and fresh business approach, United Imaging is on a mission to set new benchmarks in the industry.

Emergent Connect

Emergent Connect introduces a cutting-edge software platform renowned for its unmatched performance, reliability, and redundancy, all derived from a premium, 100% cloud-based architecture. This innovative solution eliminates the financial and resource-intensive challenges associated with traditional, on-premise radiology systems. Unlike their counterparts, which demand substantial upfront capital investments in hardware, software, IT support, and a dedicated AI workforce, Emergent Connect presents a streamlined, device-agnostic platform. This user-friendly solution optimizes the advantages of a robust, entirely cloud-based infrastructure, providing organizations with unparalleled efficiency without the burden of extensive capital commitments and prolonged IT maintenance concerns.

IRadimed Corporation

IRadimed’s FMD with RALU stands out as the exclusive Ferromagnetic Detection Device featuring TruSense threat detection technology, effectively mitigating false alarms that contribute to alarm and reporting fatigue seen in other FMD brands. With patent-pending TruSense technology, IRadimed employs a unique combination of Time of Flight sensing, threat speed, trajectory, and Zone IV door status to predict approaching ferrous hazards. This technology not only reduces false alarms but also adapts to environmental changes, maintaining accuracy. The FMD alerts staff with color-coded LED lights and a STOP sign on the Remote Alarm Logging Unit (RALU), guiding individuals through Zone IV. Easily mounted in various zones, the FMD ensures patient and staff safety, with a simple setup process powered by a standard AC outlet. The RALU’s touch screen interface streamlines ferrous item logging, enhances reporting accuracy, and allows for easy generation of audit reports.

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