Spring SAWC 2023 Buzz Report

Morgan and Joe have returned from a whirlwind of industry excitement at the Spring Symposium on Advanced Wound Care 2023 (SAWC 2023)! The wound care market is on the rise, with a predicted value of $4.97 billion by 2027 in the US alone. With over 1900 clinicians and 165 companies in attendance at SAWC, it’s clear that the industry is booming, but the biggest win is for the patients whose lives will be drastically improved by these wound care technologies. Here are the big takeaways from Spring SAWC 2023:

Companies are focused on the patient, and it shows!

Organogenesis has launched an amazing campaign called “Wounds Can’t Wait” to educate patients on the quality of life available with their advanced treatment options as well as engage physicians in the market. Their new branding will stand out in the mind of patients and physicians alike–it sure stood out to us!

Advanced wound care treatments are changing the game.

We heard a very heartwarming story from Reapplix, whose patient had a chronic DFU that had already opened three times, but with a single treatment of their 3C patch, using his own blood, the wound finally healed and gave him back the quality of life he deserves.

Stories like these capture the personal impact while emerging clinical evidence shows the impressive healing rates of advanced wound care treatment. An RCT published by MTF Biologics showed that their AmnioBand product had a complete healing rate 75% of the time in just twelve weeks with a surprising two treatments per week!

The wound care market is rapidly adopting digital technology.

Mimosa Diagnostics has entered the market with a cloud-based integrated data aggregation system that provides point-of-care information on skin health. Mimosa is making the invisible visible by creating accessibility to temperature, tissue oximetry, and other biomarkers all in the palm of the physician’s hand.

Speaking of disruptive digital tech, Spectral MD is developing a device with AI imaging capabilities that can predict which wounds will heal with conservative treatment and which will need more intensive care. Once it’s released to market, this technology has the potential to revolutionize wound care in ways we’ve never seen before.

Some major changes on the horizon will shape the market.

The wound care market is anticipating CMS’s proposed rule for skin substitutes, and Rafael Mazuz, Director of Diligence Wound Care Global, believes that stakeholders are sensing this rule may be more impactful, broader, and longer-lasting than previous proposals. We have already seen several companies beginning to hedge by shifting focus into the OR, and several others expanding their tissue solutions in prediction of the gap in the market that the change could create.

Another market-shaper could be 3M’s spinoff, the medical-focused 4M, which will act as an independent entity with 60% of its revenue and growth potential in the wound care market. With additional major cuts recently announced, it will be interesting to see if they come back with the aggressive market stance that they took before the acquisition and integration.

What do you think? 

I am sure that with all the action at SAWC we missed some of the buzz, so let us know what got your attention: comment below or connect with us!

And as the buzz from the SAWC 2023 makes clear, wound care is an evolving and dynamic field that’s truly impacting lives for the better. With new technologies, emerging trends, and ongoing development, it’s more important than ever for wound care companies to have access to top-notch talent. FloodGate Medical specializes in connecting clients with the wound care experts they need to get these emerging technologies in the hands of physicians to achieve these optimal patient outcomes. It’s our mission to improve lives by uniting great people with great companies–let us know how FloodGate can do that for you!