The Power of Wearable Tech

We wear technology to monitor health and its popularity continues to grow exponentially.  Most of us use wearable healthcare technology everyday and don’t even know it!  People like to wear Apple Watches to gain insights into their health.  Your iPhone also constitutes wearable technology if you keep it in your pocket.  However, other products are created for purposes other than tracking your fitness.  For example, people with diabetes can use Continuous Glucose Monitoring to automatically track their blood sugar levels.

There are multiple devices out there that can track different aspects of your health. What do all wearable tech products have in common? – They track data.  This may seem scary to some, but this data can be used to potentially save your life in the future. More data collection regarding your condition allows for a more personalized treatment plan.

This technology has been such a hit that famous comedian, Tim Robinson, wrote a skit about a product called ABX Heart Monitor for his third season of I Think You Should Leave on Netflix.  In this must-watch story Tim’s character says, “Now I have the confidence to live my life to the fullest.”  He worries less about having another heart attack, like the one he had from dancing hard at Club Aqua, because he knows his doctor will receive alerts regarding spikes in his heart rate.

As of February 2023, a survey showed that an estimated 35% of adults residing in the United States use wearable health technology.  61% of this group say that they use their wearable tech at least once a day.  COVID-19 never stood in the way of people taking advantage of their wearables.  In fact, 37% of these adults reported that wearable health tech use increased since the beginning of the pandemic.

The future of the wearable health tech industry is promising.  The growth in popularity and demand continues to drive innovation.  The use of augmented reality, smart clothing, and advanced sensors are emerging trends among others that hold the power to transform healthcare forever.