We’re a Socially Engaged Company. So What?

Why does being a socially engaged company matter? According to recent Gallup polls, U.S. employee “engagement” hovers at only around 33%, unchanged for the last many years. When you look at Millennials, their engagement is only around 29%.

Let’s face it, Millennials are the Kings and Queens of social media. As a company-wide mission, being highly – and positively – socially engaged sets an optimistic tone and leads by example. It increases your chances to not only keep employees engaged, but to get more employees more engaged.

Beyond retention, there’s other benefits that arise from being more socially engaged:

1. Your clients & customers benefit

Your clients have hired you to deliver a service, to find the best customers, to get results. If you run your own business you want to have the best customers buy from you, and then return for repeat business.

Being socially engaged – with relevant, resonate content – shows that you’re an expert, providing the most quality information, so the customer is the best informed to make the best choice.

In the recruiting space our clients and candidates benefit from us being super social when our whole team is engaged in sharing information, beating the bushes, and sounding the horns. Then screening for quality control to find the tallest of giants. The client gets a great hire and the candidate gets a great career match.

(in a future blog post we’ll talk about how to talk to the right audience)

2. Your company benefits

  • Branding
    Being more socially engaged increases your Brand’s reach and frequency of messaging, a chance to shape your Brand Positioning in the market. Are you a new brand that needs awareness? Are you facing competitive pressures you need to address? Are you an old, tired Brand that needs refreshing? The net-net can have a halo effect, the aggregate creating a macro positive impression.
  • Employees
    When employees feel engaged, they can feel inspired, which leads to being more loyal and more productive. They stay on the pulse of the market. If in Sales, it can lead to more chances for more customers. If in a Service Industry, it can lead to more chances for new clients, or better serving existing clients.
  • Recruitment and Business Development
    Your mission empowers employees to be Brand Ambassadors. Consistently networking and being socially engaged increases the chances for finding new clients, new customers, and recruitment of more great people to your company!

“Once we defined our social mission, we’ve seen a huge impact not only in positive morale, but in our bottom line” says Joe McClung, our Chief Commercial Officer. “Our philosophy has been ‘Spread The (Positive) News’. Sharing the wealth of knowledge amongst our team, clients and candidates has come back in spades.”

* * *

Floodgate Medical is proud to have been ranked #9 in LinkedIn’s 2017 Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies for North America in our category.