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40% of all hires are referrals. Now you can tap into passive candidates and their network with FloodGate Finder.

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Why FloodGate Finder

Here at FloodGate Medical, it is our mission to improve lives by uniting great people with great companies. To help continue living out mission, we created FloodGate Finder! 

Get more eyes on your job

Introducing the FloodGate Finder – Finally, a way to reach more candidates. Hundreds of industry rock stars are waiting for your open position!


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Whether you’re looking to land a job or looking to fill an open role, we’re here to help. Our mission is to improve lives by uniting great people with great companies.

FloodGate Futures

Giving you the all of the tools, knowledge, and accountability needed to be the best candidate possible. This will set you on the path to find a better future.

FloodGate Finder

Find a job within our database of hundreds of jobs, find a friend or colleague you think would be a perfect fit, refer them with one click, and collect a finder’s fee when they’re hired.

FloodGate Foundation

“Serving is Winning.” What better way than to commit to serving our community through charitable giving; of our time, a percentage of our revenue, and our partners who want to help.