How to Execute a Salesforce Expansion in 21 Days

The Situation: Expansion

We were approached by a client of ours, whose business category had just received a favorable reimbursement status. This change meant that the demand for their products would rise and the key objection for adoption would fall quickly. They realized that this change would be the same for their competitors as well. With the most prolific months for surgery on the horizon, they needed to rapidly expand their sales team to capture this opportunity.

They came to us with their specific needs, which involved hiring six sales representatives to cover their designated target markets across the country. They also let us know that they needed all six reps hired and onboard… in less than 30 days.

Expansion hiring can be tricky, time-consuming, and overwhelming but if you come prepared and follow the process we’ve laid out below, it can be quick, painless, and done in under 30 days.

The Solution:

Step 1: The Strategy Call

The first thing we do with every client is to conduct a strategy call. This time spent together on the front end allowed us to create a strategy to keep us all on the same page, develop a profile that aligned with their most successful team members, and create a competitive compensation range that they were prepared to offer to top talent. This was time well spent and helped us create a specific, targeted persona for our recruiters to use during the initial identification process.

Step 2: Implementing The Strategy

The client did not have an established brand reputation or the revenue base to do so because they’re small and their solution was fairly new to the market. So we took the time to craft our messaging, value proposition, and create the digital assets to support a message that would resonate with the type of candidate needed for this role.

Step 3: Predetermined Scheduling

Third, we set up the interview dates for phone and face to face interviews before we even began the search process. This allowed us to lock in great candidates immediately after we screened them, which saved us a ton of time not having to coordinate the schedules for multiple people each time we found a prospective candidate.

Step 4: Candidate Communication

Next, we utilized a multimodal approach of text, call, email, InMail, and referrals with FloodGate Finder, all targeted to the identified candidate profile. The call to action was an easy to interface bot that allowed the candidate to lean in with enough information and quickly enter the process, just like they were texting with a friend.

Step 5: Effective Screening and Scoring

Our team ensured that we held effective screening calls to gather all the information needed to create a forced rank scoring that gave our client full visibility to our process. It also allowed our team of recruiters to identify and quickly select the candidates that would be slotted for the preset interview times.

Step 6: Interviews

With interviews set, we utilized our candidate training program, FloodGate Futures, to ensure the candidates were fully prepared for each step of this shortened process and were able to show that they can deliver and secure the roles.

The Result:

Through all of the hard work completed in a very short amount of time and the strategic implementation of these steps, we were able to cut the time to fill from our client’s target of 30 days to a concise 21 business days. This expansion – filling 6 positions with top talent in 5 different locations – all while in the middle of a pandemic is an accomplishment that both of our teams should be proud of.

Are you in the process of planning a nationwide expansion or even looking to quickly find top talent to join your team? Contact us today to discuss all of your talent solutions needs. We are eager to help you improve lives by uniting great people with your great company!