Expert Answers to Common Questions

We touched on this in the last blog post, #3 How content marketing helps engage candidates at scale:
Answer the questions that your candidates/customers/clients are already asking.  Use the questions you get everyday and hear from hiring managers, sales reps, clients, and candidates to create and develop content that makes their day better and easier. (they might think you’re slightly clairvoyant… or maybe just that this isn’t your first rodeo)

There’s the general basic questions that people either ask or they’re on people’s minds – maybe they are so basic they are afraid to ask for fear of looking ignorant, but will be pleased when they search and find really good advice. Here’s a small sampling (of which we’ve answered):

It’s been a while since I’ve job-searched…

What are the resume basics?

How best can I prepare for Interviewing by phone?

What about preparing for interviewing face to face?

How do you do proper due diligence?

How can I improve my networking and “marketability”?

Then there’s the deeper, more insightful – and possibly more complex – questions that you can answer, anticipating what challenges folks are encountering based on all your experience. Here’s a small sampling of topics and ideas (some of which we’ve answered):

Do I accept a counter-offer, or move on to the new opportunity? (It’s a lot more money!)

What are the tips to really impress a Hiring Manager in the XYZ industry?

How do I really optimize and maximize my job search?

What are the life-hacks to make my Road Warrior work life easier?

Should I be defensive in my search strategy? …there’s so much negative advice out there – 7 deadly career mistakes, 5 interview killers, 9 ways to get fired, etc, etc.

How best can I shape my job search mindframe?

How can we become more socially engaged to attract more (and better) candidates/customers/clients?
( hint: This Blog Series! )

Heidi Herrick, FloodGate Strategic Advisor, and one of the earliest founding members, muses about the power of questions:  “I love asking questions and collecting questions, because no matter how much I think I know, or how much I’ve heard over my career, I’m always surprised by a new insights and points-of-view. That’s what informs some of our best content, and best dialogs. And cliché aside, I really do learn something new every day.”

* * *

Floodgate Medical is proud to have been ranked #9 in LinkedIn’s 2017 Top 25 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agenciesfor North America in our category.